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Club Review

    Visited :
    Saturday 12th March 2005
    Name :
    Location :
    Dress Code :
    Smart Fashionable Clubwear - Includes Jeans, but must wear Shoes.
    Times :
    7.00pm - 02.00am
    Admission :
    5.00 between 10:00pm and 11:00pm 7.00 after
    Admission FREE before 10:00pm
    Music :
    Club is split onto 3 Levels, Top 2 levels have a DJ playing upto date club anthems.
    The bottom level plays a range of music from old school to chart.
    Atmosphere :
    Very friendly, more women than men, never seen or had a problem
    Bartenders :
    Good fast people, but can get crouded
    Bouncers :
    Lots of them throughout the club
    Layout :
    On 3 Levels, walk downstairs to the main dance area with bars
    around the edge.

    The top level has two bars and places to sit and chill.

    The middle level is where you walk in, and has two bars and a smallish mirrored dance area

    Food :
    Not Available
    Drink :
    Average as it is one of the main clubs in SOS
    Parking :
    Lots available in TALK carpark with a 2 minute walk, or some opposite the club
    Queues :
    Always massive queues, especially after the pubs close.
    Overall Rating :
    Has been renovated recently, and very popular - View 5/5