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Club Review

    Visited :
    Saturday 5th June 2004
    Name :
    Location :
    Dress Code :
    Times :
    9.00pm - 02.00pm
    Admission :
    Free before 9.20pm
    4 Before 10.00pm and 6 after
    Music :
    Alternative & Indie played in the Club
    Atmosphere :
    Crouded but friendly, never seen or had a problem
    Bartenders :
    Quick and serve the drinks by the can or in plastic cups
    Bouncers :
    Lots of them on the door Male & Female
    Layout :
    One main area with bars on either side, and the dance floor inbetween
    Food :
    Not Available
    Drink :
    Reasonably priced as we bought by the can!
    Parking :
    Lots available around the back of the club,
    around the one way system
    Queues :
    No real queues before the pubs empty, but can be after
    Overall Rating :
    A very well liked club from an Alternative / Gothic etc view 9/10

    Name :
    Debbie Wright
    E-mail :
    Club :
    The Pink Toothbrush
    Location :
    Your Review :
    If your into alternative music, from The Levellers and The Red Hot Chilli Pepers, to Classics, from The Rolling Stone and Nirvana, then this place is a must.

    Me and my mates have been coming here since we could charm our way in, and are now in our early 30's.The wide age range mix extremely well.

    The bouncers and bar staff are very friendly, and if they get rough with you then you probably did something to deserve it!

    The club also holds bank holiday specials from 'Resurrection', playing The Stone Roses and the like; to 'Sunday Sermon', playing Stevie Wonder and other soulful tunes.

    If you're tired of the usual Essex club scene visit The Brush. You'll make new friends and might just have one of the nights of your life.

    Rating :